My name is Leonardo Murillo, I’m a CTO and Entrepreneur. I’m passionate about Cloud Native Solutions, DevOps and AllTheOps that followed. I’m also organizer of the DevOps + Cloud Native Community in Costa Rica and a DevOps Institute Ambassador.

Technology, entrepreneurship and futurism are some of my interests and this is my opinionated place on the web. All reviews and opinions are my own.

I’m the proud father of a girl and two boys, based off Costa Rica but frequent traveler.

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Recent Tech talk

image from Catching big fish

Catching big fish

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image from GitOps for multicloud resources

GitOps for multicloud resources

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image from Versioning data with DVC (and a quick DataOps intro)

Versioning data with DVC (and a quick DataOps intro)

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image from The innovator's dilemma

The innovator's dilemma

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image from Observability and OpenTelemetry

Observability and OpenTelemetry

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